Chun-Min Chang

Hi, I am Chun-Min Chang (Kun-Bín Tiunn), a self-directed learner and a maker who enjoys building products from original ideas. As a born risk-taker with curiosity, I keep trying new things and challenging myself.

When I was child, I have dreamt about becoming a craftsman, an author, an architect, or a scientist. Now, I build products by hands as a craftsman; write quality code as an author; design software models as an architect; analyze and solve problems as a scientist.

I am a software engineer. I am living all of my dreams in my daily life.


Work Experience

Mozilla, Portland, U.S.
Senior Software Engineer
Mar 2021 - Present
    Firefox Media
  • Enable using multiple microphones in WebRTC by designing a device-based audio system
Mozilla, Portland, U.S.
Software Engineer
Jul 2018 - Feb 2021


National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
M.S. in Computer Science


Observe carefully. Imagine boldly.

I have been exploring the possibilities of technology to address human needs. It's as easy as an warning alarm ringing when other vehicles approach you; It's also as sophisticated as anonymous chatting (phenomena have revealed that persons who cannot date have problems when meeting face to face.) I perceive there is no boundary of my works, because the only limit is imagination itself. Parts of my projects were reported by TV, newspapers and magazines. It shows these works can really address the customer's pain points.

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AVIF Transparency

AVIF Transparency support in Firefox

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Media Session API

W3C media-session API in Firefox

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Cubeb Oxidation on Mac OSX

Oxidize Firefox Audio backend from C++ into Rust

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Audio Seamless Looping

Loop audio seamlessly

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Audio 5.1

Multi-channel surround sound on Firefox

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Webpage Casting

Cast webpage to presentable devices

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Remote-control Services on FxOS TV

Control FxOS TV from Android

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Gett Out of the Friendzone

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Show your love freely

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IoT Projects

ecoBT Devcies

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Motorcycle Safeguard

Always Ride Safely

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Word Trends

Is your word out of fashion?

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WiFi webcam car